Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Another expat yank
lamented coffee spoons
I have my own gripe
nearly a century later

there are phone calls
intricately prompted
promoting the very
service that's keeping
me waiting on the line.

Oh that line. Wanting to
help me, we are here
to help you and we
value your custom
and your valuable time

then there are the forms
devouring time and space
poised above the paper
pencil-tip quizzing
chewing the rubber
spitting out time and
white out for corrections
to impossibly noteworthy

We all drink coffee now
Nothing exclusive about it
Nothing masculine either
Like it was in those wood-
Panelled clubs.
Paper cups could even be
Recycled from those
Unanswerable questions
About the relative merits
Of slow drip methods
For wasting expendable lives.

Before I was expatiating
I thought buying was exciting
My friend DeeDee shopped at Saks sometimes 
with me in tow
She had blonde hair
A Swedish mother and very
Large breasts that I envied.
Coffee spoons, tea trolleys
Bus stops and parking spots
Bundy clocks and Bunjy jumps
Tell me, please tell me

Who the hell cares.